August 08 2009: The Slammers

Slammers of LondonEarlier in the month than usual, August 8th sees the return of The Slammers Maximum Jive Band to the Jive Party stage at The Rivoli Ballroom, and we can’t wait – fortunately we won’t have to wait long! Here’s what others have said about this brilliant band:

“… The band produce a big beefy sound, fashioned by a brass section featuring Andy Burns and Mike Doris on tenor sax and trombone respectively, in addition to James Gray’s baritone sax and occasional harmonica. James took the lead vocal role throughout the two sets, ably assisted by enthusiastic backing vocals from the rest of the band, particularly during “Oh, Marie” and “Just A Gigolo”. “Stagger Lee” raised the tempo nicely, as did the Louise Jordan selections “Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens” and “Choo Choo Ch’Boogie”, necessitating the production of a couple of industrial fans to prevent the dancers overheating! The finale featured a swinging “All Of Me”, included on the band’s recently released CD Jive Time, plus a storming “Jump Jive And Wail” for the demanded encore to end the live entertainment in fine style.”

– Darrell Parsons (Swamp Rock Gig Review 12.01.08)

“These guys put on a great show, they had the dance floor filled from the start and left everybody with huge smiles on their faces”
– Simon Selmon, London Swing Dance Society.

“A tremendous band……the joint was well and truly jumping.”

– Steven Foster, BBC Radio Suffolk.

… one of the finest jive outfits in decades. There just aren’t enough superlatives in the English language to properly describe the immense cool of this group and this disc. A simple “wow” is way too little. A simple “holy mother of pearl this band is so good it’s criminal” doesn’t even do the job. read full review

– Michael Macomber, Retro Music Review (U.S.)

“You only have to hear the first number to realise that you are in for a great, no fantastic, night of fast jumpin’ jive. At London’s Rivoli Ballroom and the 100 Club in Oxford Street, the joints are still jumpin’ from their performances. I can’t wait to see and hear them again.”

– Peter Stechman, London. (Independent Reader Review posted on the Evening Standard’s “” website.)

Although it may sound cliché, a fact is a fact: It don’t get no better than The Slammers. Ultra cool, white hot, and fun as all get out, this is the band to make your holidays sparkle. read full review

Retro Music Review, USA.

“In my last show I featured The Slammers’ newest CD (Jive Time). My listeners like it a lot so I keep playing it!”
“The live recording.. it’s fantastic. The energy level is quite amazing and you guys are having as much fun as the audience, I like that so much. Together with top notch playing and very good sound quality.. I’m just having a ball with it!”

– Przemek Draheim, Radio DJ, Poland.

“We can’t really thank you guys enough as you really helped make it such a fantastic night …can we just say again though how brilliant you were! Everyone who we have talked to since said  how much they enjoyed dancing to the band. You helped create exactly the atmosphere we wanted and you just sounded fantastic and looked stunning in your white suits. Really we were so happy – you are such a great band and we love your sounds!! “

-Tom and Katherine Cranshaw (who booked the band for their wedding)

“…the Slammers Maximum Jive Band, one of the most popular bands on the fast-growing swing scene, have become as well known for their packed audiences and wild dancing as for their musicianship.”

– The Scotsman (Co. Cork Travel Feature)


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