October 17 2009: The Sentinels of Rhythm

Sentinels of RhythmYes the quite superb Sentinels of Rhythm are back at The Rivoli Ballroom for what we promise will be a phantasmagorical night of jive laced with lashings of good old rhythm n blues! Where else would you wanna be on Oct 17?


4 responses to “October 17 2009: The Sentinels of Rhythm

  • Gillian Campbell

    Had an absolutely fantastic time at the Rivoli last night. It was my first visit there, and took us some time, as we came from the depths of Surrey, but the trip was more than worth it. The atmosphere was amazing, the people incredibly friendly, and the band The Sentinels of Rhythm were absolutely fantastic. I will definately be visiting again, and as a modern jiver, am going to have a go at lindy hop, there were some brilliant dancers!

  • Bugster

    Can I echo Gillian’s comment above? I too had a fantastic night at the Rivoli on Saturday but I have with one big gripe: I’ve followed Pete in his various bands – Blue Harlem, Mike Sanchez etc – and he’s now put together one of the best dance bands I’ve ever heard in 15+ years of dancing. Those fellas knock my socks off every time I hear them. And yet the crowd on Saturday could barely muster a decent ripple of applause at the end of each tune. I’m amazed the band even came back for an encore – the dancers were too busy chatting or practising their dance moves to appreciate the great band in front of them. To be fair, the 100 Club crowd are as bad but that’s no excuse.

    I understand that people vote with their hands where bands are concerned but everyone clearly loved this one as they filled the dance floor with every tune and the guys played their hearts out, so come on dancers – LEARN SOME MANNERS AND SHOW YOUR APPRECIATION!! One day when there are no decent bands left you’ll wish you’d made the most of them while you had them.

    • Ken

      A good point Bugster. The trouble is, dancers are usually too busy looking around eyeing up who they’ll dance with next to applaud the bands. We used to alternate the Jive Party nights with a band one month and no band the next month to see whether dancers really did prefer a band to a DJ – good news, they do. But it would be nice if you express it more, dancers!

      Ken from Jive Party.

      • Bugster

        Well it’s good news at least that somewhere actually has live bands – there is a depressing number of places now that think that DJs all night is good enough (but still charge what they used to pay when they used to put on a live band too, hmmm) so good on you for keeping live music live!

        I’m not sure that dancers can’t shark and applaud simultaneously though – I think some serious re-education is needed: I’ve got a megaphone and a big pointy stick – where do I start??!


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