July 16th 2011: Laura B & The Moonlighters

Think back to December 2010 and you might recall some snow. In fact a lot of snow. So much snow that Laura B and her band couldn’t make it to The Rivoli and nor could a lot of their fans. To avoid a repeat of that disappointment we’ve scheduled their return for July 16. Barring a heatwave melting the roads, you can count on a brilliant night of rockin’ and honkin’ rhythm and blues from this superb septet, in the upbeat style of Ruth Brown, Big Maybelle and Lavern Baker.

The Band is led by the talented and charismatic vocalist Laura B, backed by her all star band comprising of members of Ocean’s Seven, Juke Joint Jump, Sugar Ray’s Flying Fortress, The Big Six, Alabama Slammers, The Mike Sanchez Band and Jools Holland’s R’n’B Orchestra, to name but a few. Also featuring the exceptional Henri Herbert at the boogie-woogie 88, Lady Laura and the guys guarantee a big beat sound and performance to match many of the great R’n’B artistes of the fifties.
Rain or shine, we expect it to be a busy one, so to avoid disappointment…. Click for tickets.


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